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The GPS positioning system for your professional vehicle fleet management without any risk.
We start where others stop.

Even the smallest vehicle fleet wants to be administered. A simplification with GPS positioning systems will be achieved by reducing the work expended and minimizing sorrows. The success is immediately visible.

Transparency creates confidence

quality of life. The locating of vehicles promotes confidence, it brings peace in your business and it opens a new free space.

PTC GPS-Services GmbH has been established as a contractor for different branch solutions within the range of the vehicle locating and it offers competitive standard products to affordable prices.

You are looking for a tried and tested GPS positioning system?
You would like to know where your vehicles are provided exactly?
You want to track the routes on the map in real time?

You want to locate where the next vehicle is provided exactly?
You need reports to make the office work easier?

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but the payment usually depends on the amount of time one has worked for ... more >


You’re looking for an inexpensive GPS positioning system, but at the same time a professional solution to ... more >

Who was when where and how long?

We have the solution and we also fulfill special wishes.


21. Februar 2017
30. Januar 2017

Winterdienst unterwegs

Schnee und Eis stellen Städte auch dieses Jahr wieder vor große Herausforderungen. Um Chaos auf den Straßen zu vermeiden, müssen alle...... more >

19. Januar 2017

Mindestlohn 2017: was Sie beachten müssen

Entsprechend dem Beschluss der Mindestlohn-Kommission aus Juni 2016 gilt seit 1. Januar 2017 der Mindestlohn von 8,84 Euro brutto je...... more >

05. Januar 2017

Versteuern Sie Ihren Firmenwagen richtig

Nach aktueller Rechtslage wird die Möglichkeit, einen Firmenwagen privat zu nutzen, immer als geldwerter Vorteil angesehen, der zu...... more >

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